My name is Alice and I am an Independent High Class Escort working in Poland.  I’m well educated and non-smoker, light social drinker, lover of world cuisine and fine wine and excellent conversationalist. I believe that true erotic fantasy and sensuality starts in the brain.

It sound so trivially, Isn’t it?

That’s what I am doing now is completely legal in Poland, but it isn `t socially acceptable. For this reason I don`t talk to anyone about it, it’s my secret. Escorting is almost unknown in Poland. The closest that is sponsoring, which unfortunately often comes down to sexual services for the hours.

I believe that is lack of standard  that would reduce the disappointments associated with this type of meetings. This is a meeting of two people. We must not forget that the person with whom we go on a date is a human ……. no thing, no only penis, no only pussy.

I write in English because I want to tell the World my story (if I do mistakes, I’m sorry those most sensitive ;-)). Some of my entries will be in Polish because it is my native language. Soo sit back and read my story.


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